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Gospel for Asia – Welcome

For more than 35 years the ministry of Gospel for Asia continues to bring legitimate aid and hope to some of the most downtrodden people in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Gospel for Asia is providing education for the less fortunate children of Asia, involved in ministering to leprosy patients, helping victims of floods and other natural disasters, involved in literature distribution in various languages for character development and an understanding of God’s hope.

You Can Make a Difference by Supporting a Child or Missionary

Partnering with a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope child or sponsoring a National Missionary is the first step in changing a life in Asia or seeing a whole village transformed through Christ’s love.

Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope Program

Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope child sponsorship program is designed to rescue thousands of children in Asia from a life of poverty and hopelessness, Bridge of Hope gives children an education and introduces them to the love of God. Each child will receive a quality education, school uniforms, medical car, a daily meal and the opportunity to hear of God’s love for them.

Sponsor a Bridge of Hope child.

Missionary Sponsorship

With few or no cultural barriers to overcome, national missionaries can readily share about the hope found in Christ to those who have never heard. Although national missionaries do face many difficulties, they still have an enormous advantage over their coworkers from North America and other non-Asian lands.

Sponsor a National Missionary.

Woman Missionary Sponsorship

More Areas of Our Ministry

Gospel for Asia Reports Blog

Gospel for Asia’s reports and photos from the mission field in Asia.

Read GFA’s Reports

Harvest Newsletter

Read stories of impact in Asia through Gospel for Asia’s newsletter.

Pray With Gospel for Asia

Join the Gospel for Asia Prayer Team. You will receive emails for emergency needs for Asia, as well as monthly updated needs across Asia.


myGFA is a Gospel for Asia fundraising tool to help you and others be part of seeing communities in Asia transformed.

Gospel for Asia’s Compassion Services

Gospel for Asia’s Compassion Services is bringing Christ’s love to the suffering and needy in very practical ways. Missionaries and volunteers assist survivors of natural disasters by providing food, water, medical care, clothing and even shelter. Teams also minister to slum dwellers and leprosy patients in some of Asia’s major cities.

Find out more about the ways God is ministering to the suffering across Asia by visiting the U.S.A. Gospel for Asia Web Site.

Gospel for Asia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. We are serving humanity by caring for the homeless, victims of disaster and children in need of education. Gospel for Asia | Missionary Sponsorship and Child Sponsorship | Transforming Communities through God’s Love.
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