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Gospel for Asia (GFA World), founded by KP Yohannan more than 40 years ago, ministers to the oppressed across Asia with clean water, child sponsorship, and education.

God specializes in things thought impossible. In this video, KP Yohannan talks about the multiplied impossible things that God has used Gospel for Asia to accomplish in South Asia. Beginning with thousands of free medical camps held each year, he reminds us of life-saving ministries that rescue women, children, and families entrapped in the clutches of poverty. How could GFA have provided more clean water drinking wells than any other organization over the past 40+ years? How could more than 15,000 churches be established? Because God specializes in things thought impossible – and He uses people like you and me to do those things.

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Hi, my name is K.P. Yohannan, the leader of GFA World and also, the Metropolitan of the Believers Eastern Churches scattered throughout fifteen to sixteen nations today. I was twenty-four years of age when I first came to the United States to spend some years for theological studies. Within a short time, I was being called to pastor a church with a couple hundred families. But all of the sudden, I realized that half of the world never heard the gospel where I come from. I saw them, eight years I had been living with those people. Finally, my wife and I decided that we will resign from our congregation and give our life to talk about people that need to hear the gospel… and that’s how GFA began.

We started with two dozen workers that were serving the Lord in different countries. Now by the grace of God, we have over 12,000 serving the Lord, and 15,000 well established congregations. I didn’t know this was all going to happen, but, God did it.

So, the kind of things we do, we have literally thousands of medical camps established every year. Every medical camp has a thousand, two thousand people coming. We don’t expect any money from them, but that’s an opportunity to care for them and share the gospel. And then of course we have what we call Bridge of Hope, which is my great burden! That is, you know you have millions of children on the streets, and the human trafficking and people can sponsor a child for you know, $35 to $38 something like that, and it helps cover education, food, clothes and everything. And a missionary too, or a worker. And I really like to see at least a half a million children rescued.

The most unreached people in the whole world, missiologists will tell you… it is the women! In many countries they are slaves. They can hardly work, and they are abused to no end. So, we started a project, the literacy program. We wrote our own books, 14 languages, and the government is now using it! Tens of thousands of these women are learning to read and write, now some of them fifty years old, sixty years old, and it changes their world.

GFA has done more clean water drinking wells than any other organization, so far. We call them “Jesus Wells” and we do that in cooperation with the government in a whole lot of places. Our goal is that there are some half a million villages that still don’t have clean water available. Our topmost priority, take the Good News, the love of God, to places that they never heard it before. Together we are making a difference. Thank you!