What Is the 10/40 Window

How Can I Help Reach People in the 10/40 Window?

With millions of people living in thousands of people groups that have yet to hear the Gospel, there is a dire need for ministry in the 10/40 window. The history of the region stretches back to Creation. The setting for Garden of Eden and the Tower of Babel, the land between 10 degrees and 40 degrees north latitude is the center of many world cultures and religions.[1] Opposition to Christianity can make evangelism difficult within the window, but many organizations, like GFA World, are rising to answer the call.

GFA is serving in over 20 countries around the world, with our focus being to work among those who have never heard the Gospel before. These countries are in both Asia and Africa, including several inside the 10/40 region. The main avenues GFA’s service takes are sponsoring national missionaries to meet people’s needs, sponsoring children, focusing on community development and helping those in need of care after natural disasters.[2] Each of these ministries relies on support from believers around the world, and they offer great opportunities to be involved in missions from your own home.

Sponsoring a national missionary enables them to work in areas that are closed or restricted to Western missions. National missionaries already know how the people think, speak and live, making them effective agents for sharing the Gospel. Living in the area also makes them extra sensitive to the needs of those around them. For only $30 a month, you can contribute to their ministries. Most of GFA’s national missionaries only need $120-$360 a month to live and work, so your sponsorship would cover a significant portion of that.[3]

GFA’s Child Sponsorship Program frees kids from the cycle of poverty, but it also impacts their families and communities. GFA focuses on unserved communities, going where no one else has gone. Just $35 a month provides a child living in poverty with education support, nutritious food, healthcare, clean water and much more. Having these needs met shows them and their families the love and hope of God, and you can be part of it by sponsoring one of these kids.[4]

Community development can follow several different routes, depending on the needs of the area. Sometimes, GFA provides income-generating gifts, like sewing machines or farm animals. At other times, GFA orchestrates the construction of community facilities, like clean water wells, water filters and toilets. These gifts are often provided through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog. Through the catalog, you can donate money toward specific items that will lift families and communities out of their harsh circumstances.[5] You can also specifically donate toward compassion services to help the needy and people in crisis like victims of natural disasters.[6]

These are just some of the ways you can be involved in GFA’s work inside and outside what is the 10/40 window. Consider partnering with us in these efforts to reach these precious people with God’s love and care.

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