What Is the 10/40 Window

What Are Some 10/40 Window Statistics?

As we learn more about the 10/40 window, statistics can be somewhat staggering, but there is hope as missions work continues inside the window. Two-thirds of people on earth live within the rectangular region contained by the 10 degrees and 40 degrees north latitude lines. This area includes nearly all the world’s 55 least-evangelized countries and half of the world’s least-evangelized large cities. Most of the people who practice traditional Asian religions globally live in the window, separated into more than 5,000 people groups. Also, the window is home to 8 out of every 10 of the world’s poorest of the poor. There is a lot of ministry work to do in the 10/40 window, but only 10 percent of the current global Christian missionary force is working there.[1]

There is hope for missions in the 10/40 window, however. The Bible has been translated completely into 683 languages and the New Testament into another 1,534. Individual books, like the Gospel of John, are available in 1,133 further languages. In addition, there is rapid Christian expansion happening in China, with researchers claiming there are sometimes 10,000 new converts each day.[2]

Organizations like GFA World are working to share the Gospel with those in this region who have not yet had the chance to hear it. A primary way GFA ministers is through national missionaries. Many countries inside the window will not give visas to foreign religious workers,[3] so missionaries who are from these countries are likely the only ones who will ever share the Gospel with the people groups inside them.

GFA’s national missionaries go through three years of intensive ministry training. They already live in the nations they serve, so they can move freely in restricted areas and are usually accepted into communities since they are not seen as outsiders. They know the cultural taboos and the language, making them the perfect communicators to the people. Most of all, these national missionaries have a burden and passion to reach their own people with God’s love.[4]

Around 80,000 people die daily in the 10/40 window, many of whom have never heard the Gospel.[5] Consider joining GFA by sponsoring national missionaries working inside the 10/40 window, caring for people’s needs and displaying God’s love to those who need it the most.

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