Missionaries in Africa

Why Did GFA World’s Missionary Work in Africa Begin in Rwanda?

GFA World’s missionary work in Africa launched in Rwanda with a Child Sponsorship Program in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. This is the first of many programs that will focus on one of the most densely populated African nations.

In 2018, GFA’s founder, K.P. Yohannan (Metropolitan Yohan), met with the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Rwanda at a conference. Seeing the potential of partnership, he began to pray for God’s direction about expanding into Rwanda.

The slums in Kigali are home to many needy children, and GFA staff are diligently serving them through the Child Sponsorship Program. This proven strategy, used in numerous countries in South Asia, impacts children in a personal way. Children are given the items that are most needed, such as educational opportunities, nutritious food, tutoring, hygiene supplies, clean water and other essential resources. The hope of Jesus encourages children to look beyond their circumstances and past the cycle of poverty that has often existed in their families for generations.

Yohannan shares, “We are looking at the whole continent. As we just started working with these children in Rwanda, our goal is hopefully in the days to come we will be able to see thousands of worshipping communities transformed as we care for the poor and needy, in the name of our Lord.”

Rwanda is just the beginning of our ministry in Africa. We plan to expand to other nations in the next few years. The plan is to also minister in Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan. We will begin by meeting the tangible needs of Africans and show God’s love to those who need it most. Our aim is to help those in desperate need by breaking the cycle of poverty and setting lives free through the transforming power of the Gospel.

Will you join us on this journey into Africa? As of 2020, 282 million people in Africa were experiencing hunger,[1] and we hope to be instrumental in helping people break the cycle of poverty that has plagued generations of Africans. Pray for and financially support the national missionaries serving faithfully to reach Rwanda and other nations with so many who have not yet heard the name of Jesus. May God meet the needs of each missionary and make their ministry effective.

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