Spirit of Poverty

What Are Some Solutions to Poverty?

At GFA World, we’ve been investigating answers to the question, “What are the solutions to poverty” for many years. That’s when K.P. Yohannan (Metropolitan Yohan) began a ministry focused on supporting national missionaries in South Asia who were helping people living in severe poverty and not yet reached with the Good News. Today, that ministry continues in a variety of ways. Over the last 40 years, GFA has embraced several solutions to poverty that have effectively brought hope to the hopeless.

Child Sponsorship – Tens of thousands of South Asian and African children are given hope and a brighter future through this program. These children receive items that help alleviate poverty— educational opportunities, nutritious food and vitamins, basic healthcare, clean water, hygiene training, recreational activities, sanitation facilities, community service and training for parents. Child sponsorship has proven over and over to be a solution to poverty, giving children and their families the vital assitsnace needed for these precious children succeed in education.

Developing Communities – When communities don’t have clean water or sanitation facilities, they are disadvantaged. This is especially true when women and children need to walk for hours to collect water. Journeying so far every day, they cannot work or attend school. At GFA, we provide Jesus Wells for entire communities, as well as sanitation facilities for those who don’t have them.

Gift distributions are another way to develop communities and change the lives of families. These gifts may be in the form of farm animals that can produce income for a family. Smaller animals’ offspring are sold, and larger animals can be used in field work. Gifts can also come in the form of sewing machines, fishing nets or vocational training.

Disaster Relief and Compassionate Care – At GFA, we serve the victims of natural disasters. We also help those who are often rejected by their communities, like widows, leprosy patients and those living in slums. We bring practical help in Jesus’ name to those who are suffering. Through this practical help, recipients learn about a God who loves them. Their lives are changed by the knowledge that, even when they are rejected by society or disfigured by disease, God loves them so much and they have worth in His eyes!

These poverty solutions are impossible without the support of generous donors like you. Will you join us in our mission to help provide tangible solutions to those living in extreme poverty in South Asia and Africa? We need your help.

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