Spirit of Poverty

How Is GFA World Breaking the Spirit of Poverty?

GFA World has been breaking the spirit of poverty for many years. Through the partnership of generous donors and national missionaries, God is changing hearts and bringing hope to those who need it most.

Saju and Aasia give us a beautiful picture of how the spirit of hopelessness can be replaced with hopeful expectations. Like many others in their community, they struggled to feed their family. They worked land for someone else, laboring 8 hours a day to bring in about $1.50 USD. They were exhausted and had very little hope. Many in their community had similar circumstances and used alcohol to numb the pain.

Saju and Aasia’s roof was just as tattered at their spirits. It was made of thatch and plastic tarps but had many holes. It should have been repaired years ago, but there was no money to pay for that. And when it rained and the water leaked in, the family would often get sick.

Ganesh, a GFA pastor, met Saju and Aasia as he was in their community visiting the people. He shared with the couple how much Jesus loves them. While they didn’t understand completely, the family continued to welcome Ganesh into their home. One day, the pastor brought more good news: The family would be the recipient of a gift through the GFA gift distribution. They would be receiving a new roof! They received 5 tin sheets, and joy filled their hearts! They would now be able to provide protection and safety for their children.

“When I received this tin sheet as a Christmas gift, it helped me see God’s love in my life, because God loved me so much that He provided this gift for us,” Saju says. “I know that He not only loves us and … gives eternal life, but also meets all our personal needs.”

The love and generosity of the church also impacted their neighbors. People became curious about the church. Now, they have a prayer meeting of 10 people in their home![1]

The hopelessness that comes from poverty is sometimes all-consuming. People can’t see beyond their present circumstances. Oftentimes, it takes an outside influence to break through that hopelessness. You can be that force! Giving a life-changing gift to someone living in extreme poverty can take them from hopeless despair to excited dreams!

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[1] “On the Other Side of the Showers.” GFA World. September 2019. https://www.gfa.org/news/articles/gfa-world-on-the-other-side-of-the-showers/.