Spirit of Poverty

What Are the Signs of Spirit of Poverty?

In areas of extreme poverty, for many people life seems without hope. The signs of the spirit of poverty are heartbreaking. At GFA World, our local missionaries aim to help people break through the despair that poverty brings and find hope and healing through Jesus.

Nadie was forced to grow up quickly when her mother’s life was taken by breast cancer, and Nadie was filled with grief. At only 16 years old, she pulled away from her family. When her father remarried, she distanced herself even further. Bearing her burdens alone, she sank deeper into loneliness, anger and grief.

After completing her studies, she moved to a new area to find a fresh start. There she met an old friend named Aarani. Her friend shared about God who loves her very much. Those words served as seeds that began to take root.

Nadie eventually married a follower of Jesus, but she remained in a dark place mentally. She even contemplated taking her own life. She would isolate herself for long periods of time and not eat. Her husband would beg her to come out and take some food.

One day, Nadie was isolated in a locked room when she picked up a Bible and read Matthew 7:7: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Could God help her? She cried out to God for His help and His healing.

Nadie felt a touch on her shoulder and knew it was Jesus. Her burdens and heaviness were gone. “He filled me with His love. He has taught me the importance of it. His love is incomparable, and there is nothing equal to it,” she explains. Now Nadie is being discipled by a GFA World missionary. She is learning about God’s Word and how she can have hope for the future. God loves her![1]

Like He did for Nadie, God can remove the hopelessness from your life, too, and from the lives of many others worldwide who are struggling with despair. GFA pastors and missionaries are serving throughout South Asia and Africa, bringing hope to the people who are consumed with the despair of poverty. When the poverty-stricken see no way out, these local leaders help them find hope in Christ and a fresh outlook on life. Our missionaries are supported by people like you who want to see lives changed through the hope of Jesus. Consider supporting a missionary who can bring a better life to the poor they serve.

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[1] “The Word Knocks on Locked Doors.” GFA World. June 2023. https://www.gfa.org/news/articles/the-word-knocks-on-locked-door-wfr23-06b.