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Do Christian Medical Missions Work?

Lack of quality medical care around the world is a major problem, and many organizations are seeking to address it, both secular and Christian. Medical missions are a signifianct way that GFA missionaries can show people Christ’s love in a very practical way.

One life that has been impacted by GFA’s medical ministry is Curren’s.

The 40-year-old father worked in someone’s field and ran a shop in the village, earning enough to put food on the table for his wife, three children and elderly mother, but not much else. That all changed when Curren suddenly fell ill. Severe pain in his head and stomach began, and he had no idea what was causing it. Standing up made him dizzy, and the nearly unbearable pain made working in the field—his main source of income—impossible. Curren needed medical attention, but the closest quality hospital was 50 miles away, and he had no transportation. Even if the hospital had been next door, Curren would not have been able to pay for treatment since he hadn’t been working. He sought out a local witch doctor, but that didn’t improve Curren’s condition. He remained unable to work and unable to provide.

Then a leaflet arrived announcing a free medical camp organized by GFA’s medical ministry. Curren couldn’t walk the four miles to the camp, so he recruited a neighbor to transport him and his wife on a bicycle. It was a trek, but they reached the camp. While he waited to see a doctor, Curren sat, received refreshments and listened to speakers. They shared about health issues, hygiene and the love of God. Curren absorbed the words. Then he received medicine to treat his illness, free of charge.[1] Curren could return to work and continue providing for his family with restored health.

Each year, GFA missionaries host hundreds of medical camps, with each camp typically serving 200 to 1,000 people. Skilled doctors and medical staff bring medicines, vitamins and health training into remote villages, crowded slums and areas where people like Curren may rarely have the chance to see a doctor. Though thousands of people have received care, there is still much work to do.[2]

It takes a lot of support to offer medicines and treatment for free, so the medical camps rely on generous believers around the world. Consider partnering with us to reach those who need it the most.

By partnering with GFA’s medical missions, you can help solve many people’s health problems.

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