10/40 Window

Why Are 10/40 Window Missionaries Needed?

There are more than 7 billion souls on the planet Earth. Of those, two-thirds live between 10 and 40 degrees north latitude, in Africa and Asia. Most of this mass of humanity has never heard about Jesus Christ. Additionally, 80 percent of the poorest people in the world live in these regions.[1] The needs are deep and great for 10/40 window missionaries.

“In this present era, Americans are becoming more and more unwelcome in foreign countries, especially in those of the 10/40 window,” states Aylissia Lee, a writer for Just Disciple. “So, it is important that we partner with Christians of other nations that will be far more effective in reaching those in countries that are not welcoming to Americans.”[2]

This is one of the reasons why GFA World created its national missionary program. Through discipleship and training, they raise up missionaries within a country, not from the outside, to love and serve their own people. These workers already know the language, culture and possible barriers to receiving care, both physically and spiritually.

When a GFA national missionary is able to serve in the country of their birth, the language and cultural obstacles are often removed. They are more readily welcomed by the locals and can communicate the deeper truths that come with hearing about Jesus and the Gospel.

They can also relate to the unique struggles that the people of that area encounter, from lack of education and clean water to inadequate income. Knowing the complex issues that surround each of these challenges, a GFA missionary can enter into their troubles with love and compassion, helping to connect them with the lifelines offered through GFA.

Since there are so many basic needs in these countries, GFA workers are always looking for how they can bring things like clean water wells, farm animals and education opportunities to the many impoverished people. Their eyes are on both the practical and the heart needs of each individual.

You can partner with one of these humble GFA workers by sponsoring them for just $30 each month. You will receive a photo and information about your missionary so that you can pray for him or her and the important work they are doing in these vulnerable countries.

GFA national missionaries are special people. Their lives were changed by the Good News of Jesus, and their hearts are set on bringing that news to their own people, day in and day out. Be a part of this live-changing work today.

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