What Is Water Scarcity

What Are Some Water Scarcity Facts?

Water scarcity facts consist of definitions and statistics that shed light on this worldwide problem. Water scarcity is defined as the the state where there is a shortage of water resources to fulfill the demands of human and ecosystems at the same time.[1] Here are some facts regarding water scarcity:

  • The World Health Organization estimates that there are over 2 billion people who reside in water-stressed countries and at least 2 billion people who drink contaminated water.[2]
  • UNICEF reports that 4 billion people (almost two thirds of the world’s population) experience severe water scarcity at least one month per year and more than 2 billion live in countries where the water supply is inadequate.[3]
  • Water.org estimates that women and girls spend 266 million hours every day finding water and collecting it.[4] This keeps women out of the workforce and girls out of school.
  • Contaminated water can cause numerous medical conditions, including diarrhea. In most parts of the world, diarrhea is completely treatable and preventable, but many people in developing countries are dying from it. In 2017, almost 1.6 million people died from diarrheal diseases. One-third of those deaths were children under 5 years of age.[5]

GFA World is committed to helping bring solutions to the water crisis that is found in places such as Asia and Africa. By installing Jesus Wells and providing BioSand water filters, GFA is providing tangible solutions in areas of the world where water scarcity is a lifechanging issue. When these solutions are implemented, women and girls are no longer spending hours of each day to fetch water. Instead the women can help provide for the family and girls can stay in school—proven ways to help break the cycle of poverty.

Jesus Wells provide a solution for entire villages, serving clean water for up to 300 people for approximately 20 years. BioSand water filters can be used by one family or shared by a small group of neighbors to provide clean drinking water.

God is using these solutions to offer clean water to all, regardless of their religious or social backgrounds. These water solutions can open the door for people to see the love and mercy of Jesus. Will you join us in this great mission to provide tangible help to families and entire communities who need clean water? These people need to know they are loved and have value in the eyes of God.

Learn more about water scarcity and what GFA World is doing to combat it in Africa and Asia

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