What is the cause of poverty

Is Lack of Education a Cause of Poverty?

The answer to Is lack of education a cause of poverty? is without a doubt, yes. A lack of education and literacy often results in an absence of opportunities. But if we flip that question into the positive, we’ll see that education is the road to hope and breaking outside the cycle of poverty.

When children are educated, there is:

  • Less child marriage – The child marriage numbers drop exponentially when girls are educated. When a girl stays in school, especially secondary school, the likelihood of child marriage and pregnancy decreases by 5 to 6 percentage points on average.[1]
  • A higher standard of living overall – As children learn, they gradually become qualified for higher-income jobs. This is the same for adults. When adults learn to read, write and do basic math, they are instantly qualified for higher paying jobs and more fulfilling work environments. Women who complete secondary education earn twice as much as those with no education.[2]
  • An increase in health and well-being – Educated people are more likely to make healthy decisions about food and substance abuse. They also learn the importance of drinking clean water and practicing good hygiene habits.
  • The ability to dream and grow – Children who receive an education see beyond the poverty surrounding them and begin to dream of a brighter future. They understand that they can take hold of their future and change the situation for themselves and their families.
  • Communities are stronger – “When a country gives all its children secondary education, they cut their risk of war in half. Education is vital for security around the world because extremism grows alongside inequality.”, say the Malala Fund.[3]

At GFA World, we work in some of the poorest countries in the world, villages where no one else is serving to meet the needs of the people. Education is a high value for us because we know that education and literacy are essential to long-term poverty alleviation.

Through our child sponsorship program, children are able to attend school and given the resources required to attend. They are encouraged and motivated to stay in school and provided with the help they need to succeed.

Adults also receive education through our literacy classes and skills-training programs. When adults acquire new skills like reading, writing, basic math or a new skill in a trade, they can provide for their families in new ways and those new jobs are often higher-paying opportunities.

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