What is the cause of poverty

How Can Lack of Education Cause Poverty?

How can lack of education cause poverty? In many cases, it’s a “which came first” situation—poverty or lack of education? Did poverty come first, or was lack of education the cause of the poverty?

In the cycle of poverty, parents often raise their children without education. Sometimes it’s too expensive, and other times they don’t see the benefit of schooling. Likewise, a person without education often lands in poverty due to the lack of job opportunities available to them. They may be mired in a life of manual labor that may not meet their family’s daily needs. It’s a self-perpetuating problem.

“Today more than ever, education remains the key to escaping poverty, while poverty remains the biggest obstacle to education.” – Kristina Birdsong, a writer for Scientific Learning[1]

Global studies conclude that there is a 9% increase in hourly earnings for every extra year of schooling a child receives.[2] So, if a child is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, it is important for them to stay in school as long as possible.

At GFA World, we help provide education in a variety of ways.
Here are a few:

Children’s Education – Through our child sponsorship program, children are given the resources needed for school—tuition, uniforms, supplies, tutoring and so on. Depending on the needs of the family, we help ensure the child is able to attend school. They can learn to dream of a better future and be equipped to realize those dreams.

Adult Literacy training – At GFA, our adult literacy training programs have dramatic impacts, leading to higher paying jobs and other opportunities. Literacy classes also provide training in basic math so people can be skilled at the marketplace and in business situations.

Vocational training – Training in trades like tailoring give people a new lease on life. They become skilled in an occupation that is useful in their community and able to market their skills. GFA supplies their needs. For tailoring, that is a sewing machine and classes. Training classes are often out of reach for those living in poverty, but through GFA’s programs, they are able to learn valuable skills and how to generate income from their new-found talents.

GFA has been helping people in need since 1979. Through GFA missionaries and supporters around the world, education is once again providing a way to break through the cycle of poverty and give people a better future.

What is the cause of poverty? Find out how GFA is helping people in South Asia and Africa

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