Sponsor a kid

When I sponsor a kid in Africa, how does it work? Does the child receive my money directly?

Sponsorship is a wonderful way to impact a child in need and give him or her hope for a better future. When you sponsor a kid in Africa through GFA World, they receive life-changing help. They begin to dream of a brighter future apart from poverty and their difficult circumstances.

Your sponsored child will benefit from your monthly donation. You’ll be connected with one child and can exchange letters, notes and photos with him or her. Unlike some programs, your sponsored child will not receive cash directly. Your monthly donation is pooled for maximum effectiveness. Your child receives help from our local GFA child development programs in their community. Since the needs of each family and community are different, our programs can be tailored to help them in the best way possible.

For example, if the child needs tuition or school resources, they will be provided with those tools. If the child needs basic health care or nutritious food, these are made available. Some communities benefit greatly from clean water wells and BioSand filters. Others may have more need of basic health care, education, economic development, literacy training or vocational classes. Each of these items has proven beneficial in helping break the cycle of poverty.

Every child has only one sponsor, so you will be able to connect with that child personally through letters and photos. You can write to them, pray for them and develop a friendship. You’ll learn about their culture, celebrations, holidays, food, school and what God is doing in their family. They will begin to learn about you, too, as you share about your family, home life, pets, vacations and more.

You will see how a child in Africa can benefit greatly by having you as his or her sponsor. You will be changed as well when you invest in a situation beyond yourself. We encourage you to hang your sponsored child’s photo somewhere prominent in your home so you have a prayer reminder several times a day.

Child sponsorship donations are tax deductible and can be made monthly or annually by check, card or electronic transfers from your bank—whatever is easier for you.

Join what God is doing in Africa and learn more about how to sponsor a kid on this beautiful continent. It’s a joy-filled way to create life-changing opportunities for children in Africa.

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