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Sponsor a Kid Through GFA World

When you sponsor a kid, it is beneficial for both you and the child. Such a relationship impacts not only the recipient, but also the giver. You will learn about another culture, read letters from your sponsored child, send gifts, pray for the family and develop a friendship with a child in another country. And you will be helping a family break out of the cycle of poverty.

When you desire to sponsor a kid in Africa, charity options are prevalent. For example, through GFA World, you can choose several countries from which to sponsor. Your chosen child will receive whatever is needed most in their situation. Some common items that are extremely helpful are:

Nutritious Food – when children are fed through the sponsorship program, it relieves pressure on the family. The money that would have been spent on feeding that child can be used to feed other children or for needed household supplies. Children who live in extreme poverty often lack the nutrition needed to grow healthy and strong, so these meals provided through sponsorship go a long way in curbing malnutrition.

Basic Health Care and Information – Many of the prevalent diseases and ailments in South Asia and Africa are curable—even preventable. When burns go untreated, or colds develop into pneumonia or diarrhea plagues the young and the elderly, there are devastating consequences. GFA provides treatment and help for many health conditions through our medical care teams. These treatable ailments no longer need to lead to dire conclusions.

Health education is sometimes just as important as treatment. When people learn that contaminated water results in waterborne illnesses, they are less likely to drink it. When children learn the importance of good hygiene, the spread of illness is less likely. When people learn to brush their teeth, the chance of infection decreases. When parents learn how to treat common illnesses like diarrhea, a community stays healthier. This basic health care and training is available through child sponsorship.

Clean Water – Children in our programs have access to clean water, which often results in less illness and more time in school. When a child has to walk for hours each day to gather water, they are unable to attend school or are too tired to succeed in school. Sometimes the water they collect is contaminated and causes illness. When you sponsor a kid in Africa or Asia, GFA provides clean water to families and communities by installing local Jesus Wells and providing BioSand Filters.

Education – One of the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty is through education. Through GFA’s Sponsorship programs, children are provided with school tuition, uniforms and supplies, if those items will be helpful for the family. The child is also provided with opportunities for tutoring through the program. Since education is key to their future, it is a primary part of the sponsorship program. When children can read, write and do basic math, they are qualified for higher-paying jobs as adults. Those who finish school have even better doors of opportunity open to them, and those doors can change an entire community.

Community Service Opportunities – Children in GFA’s Child Sponsorship program have opportunities to learn about their culture and also serve in their community. They will learn to value and take pride in their neighborhood, serve others and participate in cultural events.

Training for parents – GFA can provide vocational training for your sponsored child’s parents. It may be sewing classes, literacy training or a number of other options. These classes help open doors to better employment opportunities. This, in turn, helps provide for your sponsored child’s future.

Hope – When a family is stuck in the cycle of poverty for generations, it often takes an outside influence to help them break free. Child sponsorship is often that needed outside influence. You can play a part in bringing hope to a family that is struggling. Through your letters, photos, notes and love, your child can begin to dream of a better future, one free of poverty. The program also provides help from caring adults in the child’s country who will encourage and support them.

When you sponsor a kid from Africa or Asia, you make the impossible possible! For just $35 per month, families and communities are empowered to break free from poverty. Most of all, your sponsored child and their family will feel loved, wanted and hopeful and have the opportunity to know God’s love.

Here’s what one sponsor had to say: “God placed in my heart to help. We are so blessed to live in a country that has so much more than we ever need. How much do we spend selfishly? Doesn’t God himself say give to the poor, widowed and orphans?” – Crystal

You can help, too! Children are waiting for a sponsor. Take a few moments and choose a child. Each child only has one sponsor, and you will soon begin learning about them, communicating with them through letters and sharing your lives.

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