Poverty Animal Gifting

The Benefits of Farm Animals for Poverty Alleviation

For families living in extreme poverty, the gift of farm animals for poverty alleviation can provide a surprising path out of destitution. Animals like cows, goats, pigs and chickens can supply much-needed food and income, enabling impoverished families to meet their basic needs and create a cycle of prosperity.[1]

Animals Provide Essential Nutrition

In developing countries, malnutrition is rampant due to lack of access to nutrient-rich foods like meat and dairy. Cows and goats supply milk packed with protein, calcium and other vital nutrients to nourish entire families. Goat meat, lower in fat than chicken or beef, is an excellent source of clean protein. Just one cow can provide up to 490 pounds of beef. Even chickens can lay protein-rich eggs daily. By alleviating malnutrition, farm animals enhance community health.[2]

Animals Are a Viable Source of Income

Farm animals can be bred to expand herds, then sold to generate income. A single nanny goat produces 7-9 kids in two years. Pig litters typically include 12 piglets, ready for market in months. In South Asia, an adult goat sells for a month’s wages. With surplus funds, families can access healthcare, education and amenities to improve quality of life.[3]

Animals Provide Ongoing Prosperity

Unlike one-time cash gifts, animals are ‘income-producing assets’ that grow perpetually. With proper care, herds multiply each year. One cow or goat lifts a family out of survival mode, putting them on the path to lasting prosperity. Children can attend school, ending the cycle of poverty for future generations.

Simple Gifts Change Lives

A gift as small as $140 for two goats or $10 for chickens empowers families to achieve self-sufficiency. Widow Mayra was gifted two chickens by GFA World missionaries, enabling her to earn income after years of poverty. For Neha, mother of four, chickens meant fulfilling her dream of an education for her children. With support and training, impoverished families can create enterprises to attain food, income and dignity.

Providing farm animals is an effective antidote to poverty’s effects. Simple gifts offer nourishment, income and hope for a brighter future. As one recipient expressed, “My life has definitely been blessed 100 percent.” With caring support, a cow or goat provides the first step for struggling families onto the road of lasting prosperity.

You can be part of the solution. Sponsor a national missionary or give income-generating farm animals to help families achieve self-sufficiency. Offer hope today.

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