Hope for Children

How Is GFA World Giving Children Hope in Africa and Asia?

Hope can have a nebulous meaning in the English language. We use it in many circumstances. For example, “I hope I get a new phone for Christmas” or “I hope it won’t rain tomorrow during my party.” It often conveys a sense of doubt whether the thing we’re hoping for will actually happen. However, GFA World is giving children very real hope in a very different way.

In the Bible, the word hope has a much clearer meaning. It conveys confident expectation and security. Hope is the assurance based on a sure foundation. It’s a reality, not a feeling.[1]

GFA World is delivering the biblical kind of hope in Africa and Asia, and has been since 1979. Through many programs, GFA provides hope by meeting tangible and spiritual needs.

Tangible Needs

When people lack the basic needs of life, they typically have little hope. GFA helps provide for basic needs through practical solutions such as clean water wells and sanitation facilities. GFA also provides help for children with essentials such as nutritious food, tuition assistance, tutoring, school supplies and so on. One of the most impactful ways GFA helps bring hope to impoverished families is through income-generating gifts, such as chickens that can produce eggs to eat or sell or a sewing machine for a person to begin a tailoring business. Those are just two gifts of many that can drastically change a family’s level of hope.

Spiritual Needs

GFA missionaries are men and women from the area in which they serve. They understand the needs of the local people and can identify with their struggles. These dedicated men and women share the hope that only God can bring to a hurting situation. Through listening and wise counsel, these missionaries can share the hope of God with those in need.

Will you join us in bringing hope to Africa and Asia? GFA World is a long-standing force for good in the world and you can partner with our efforts. Consider supporting the ministry by providing a life-changing gift like chickens or goats to a family in need. The family will receive more than livestock; they will be the recipients of hope that comes from God.

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