Hope for Children

How Does Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Help Children in Crisis?

Breaking the cycle of poverty is difficult without intervention from an outside source.[1] Without that intervention, the cycle will often continue decade after decade. GFA World has been helping children in crisis and their families break out of poverty for many years. There are several keys to GFA’s success in South Asia and now parts of Africa, and those strategies have been tested time and time again. Success stories abound!

Here are three keys GFA has found that contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty:

Understanding the importance of education

When children learn to read and write, they are more likely to break the cycle of poverty.[2] With these basic skills, they will be qualified for more jobs when they are older and be able to provide for their families. According to a GFA World special report, “Much data (a preponderance of which is examined under the general category of education) gives good cause to make the assumption that learning to read and write is one of the ‘great miracle cures’” of poverty.[3]

Income-generating skills training

Poverty is often broken when income increases. How does this happen? Skills training is essential. When people in poverty learn new skills like growing vegetables, sewing, raising farm animals and so on, these skills bring in more income that can be used to feed family members and provide education for their children.

Foster encouragement

GFA World provides hope for the future. When families are stuck in poverty for generations, they often don’t know anything but discouragement. With some help, children and their parents can learn to look beyond their current circumstances and into a future with more hope. Local GFA missionaries are skilled at providing support and care for people who need such encouragement.

It is possible to break the cycle of poverty! GFA World has been helping families since 1979—giving hope in circumstances that seem dire. Will you join us in helping children across South Asia and in parts of Africa? You can help in a variety of ways, from sponsoring a child to donating life-changing gifts like farm animals or sewing lessons. Each item brings a family closer to breaking free from poverty.

GFA missionaries will also show these families the love of Jesus as they serve their communities and bring tangible help. Ultimately, hope comes from God and it gives GFA great joy to share His love with others.

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