10 40 Window Map

GFA World’s Work within the 10/40 Window Map

The world’s highest concentration of people who have not heard the Gospel live inside the 10/40 window map.[1] This area, between 10 degrees south and 40 degrees north latitude, encompasses two-thirds of the global population—4 billion people—and stretches across Northern Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. GFA World has a map you can request to see the full list of nations in this area. About 95 percent of the people in the window have not yet been reached with the Good News. Furthermore, 87 percent of the 4 billion residents of the window are among the poorest of the poor, with limited or no access to necessities, living on an average of only $250 per family annually.[2]

There is a real dearth of believers in many 10/40 window countries. For example, a mere 1.3 percent of Thailand’s 68 million people are considered Christians, and even fewer are evangelistic.[3] A traditional Asian religion is extremely ingrained into the culture and national identity of Thailand, which makes it difficult for the Thai people to receive the Gospel.[4] The neighboring nation Laos is also largely made up of those who have yet to hear the Gospel. Of the nearly 7 million residents, only 3.2 percent are Christian.[5] Evangelistic progress there was set back when Communist forces took over Laos after the Vietnam War, and nearly two-thirds of the country’s believers fled from the resulting persecution.[6] These are just two illustrations of the deep need for missions in this area. Several of the nations within the 10/40 latitude lines have much higher populations and even fewer believers. However, only $0.05 of every $100 spent on missions globally goes toward work in the window.[7]

As GFA World and other organizations seek to address this disparity and reach those who have yet to hear the Gospel in the 10/40 window, prayer is crucial. In fact, “Gospel for Asia is a ministry founded on, committed to and sustained by the power of prayer.”[8]Prayer maintains our many programs to reach the poor with the Gospel all over the world, including the many people living in the area on the 10/40 window map.

One such effort that needs prayer is GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program. Many children in impoverished families do not have the opportunity to attend school because they must work at a young age or school supplies and uniforms cost too much. Often, if a family is just struggling to survive, school is not prioritized, so the child may have no desire or motivation to go. Without the opportunity to receive an increasingly important education, children are stuck in the same pattern of poverty as their parents. But GFA’s program encourages students to have hope for a better future, one free from this vicious cycle. The program provides the child and family with vital assistance according to the needs of the community which enables the child to be successful in education. This not only changes the kids’ lives but also alleviates pressure from their families as provisions, encouragement and resources become available through sponsorship.[9] Please pray for the program staff as they tutor and help the children in practical ways. Also, pray for the kids and their families as they learn about God’s love for them.

GFA national missionaries also need prayer. These servants have the heart for and are trained to reach their own people with God’s love and establish churches where there are none. They often serve where no one else is working―reaching people, planting churches and transforming lives. National missionaries face fewer cultural obstacles than foreign workers because they know how their neighbors think and what they believe, making them especially effective. Being nationals, they also know their community, and that each community can need something different, whether that be mosquito nets, proper sanitation facilities, clean water, medical treatments or any combination of these things.[10] Pray for GFA’s national missionaries to endure in their work to make sure needs are met, and pray that people see Christ’s love in action.

Child sponsorship and national missionaries are just two of the areas where we ask for prayer. There are many more 10/40 window prayer points and urgent requests from all corners of the world. People need clean water, medicine, blankets, winter clothing and compassion. Our missionaries need prayer support as they endeavor to meet needs and work long, hard days for God’s kingdom. Please consider how you can support GFA’s ministry through prayer, which is always needed and appreciated.

If you feel led to do more, consider financially partnering with GFA. Sponsoring a child with GFA can help change their life forever, and it only takes $35 a month to help free a child from the cycle of poverty.[11] Another way to get involved is by sponsoring a national missionary. We have over forty years of experience supporting and training these missionaries, and for just $30 a month, you can help fund a worker.[12] Also consider donating to help us provide clean water wells and filters, income-generating gifts of animals or sewing machines or mosquito nets to protect from illness. This vital work, both inside and outside the 10/40 window map, is reaching the least of these with the Good News.

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