What Is Poverty

Who Is Fighting Poverty, Meaning Helping the Poor?

GFA World is working to end the worldwide cycle of poverty, meaning we are meeting people’s physical needs and showing them the love of God. GFA’s Child Sponsorship Program works to enroll children, giving them vital assistance like education support, required school supplies, and nutritious food, alleviating a burden for families, and opening prospects for their futures. Not only that, but we provide food, water, healthcare, basic sanitation facilities, recreation and community service opportunities for the kids. All of this helps break the cycle of poverty; education is one of the best ways to overcome poverty, and right now, there are about 2000 kids waiting for sponsors through GFA.[1]

Ashima was one little girl who had a bleak future before joining a GFA program. Sometimes, her teacher would scold her and make her stand outside the classroom because she didn’t have the needed supplies. When Ashima came home and told her mother, she was scolded again. Because her father didn’t provide enough money to buy the supplies, her mother couldn’t do anything. Ashima often skipped class, preferring to avoid the scolding and spend time with her friends.

According to one GFA program staff member, at least 40-50 percent of the children in Ashima’s village dropped out of school around fifth or sixth grade.[2]

Surveying the village, the workers met many children; some of the kids had very few clothes, and they did not care when approached by the GFA workers since they were living in their own little worlds. The workers did not find many adults to interview the first time they visited either. Many of the fathers in the village—including Ashima’s—turned to alcohol, causing massive strain on their families. GFA World eventually established a center in the village, and less than a year later, Ashima’s whole life had changed. She was getting supplies her family couldn’t afford, nutritious meals and special help at school every day.

“My future ambition is that I want to become a medical doctor,” Ashima said. “Especially I want to serve the poor from our society … I also want to help and serve all the poor children and poor people who are suffering.”[3]

With GFA’s help, Ashima—and thousands of children like her—receive life-changing supplies, care and education. Sponsoring a child is just $35 a month, and that is just one ministry that GFA does to alleviate the problem of poverty around the world. We also provide income-generating gifts and classes to teach literacy and vocational skills. Consider joining in these efforts with GFA in the fight against worldwide poverty.

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