What Is Exploitation

What Is Sexual Exploitation?

The National Center of Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) includes these areas in defining what is sexual exploitation:1

  • Child abuse
  • Pornography
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Demand
  • Prostitution
  • Sexual violence

Technology and social media have increased the means by which these happen. NCSE highlights how grooming works, where predators look for vulnerable pre-teens, teens and young women and manipulate them with words and rewards. These methods are how girls can get tricked into a life of prostitution or pornography. Sexual exploitation can happen using any form of social media, as well as online video games and websites.2

A21, a human trafficking organization, reports that high-profile sports events, such as the Super Bowl in the USA, lead to increases in human trafficking, though it is not the only source by any means. This also shows that this issue is worldwide and is not limited to certain socio-economic areas.

A21 recently helped secure a major victory in a United States court against traffickers:

“Our North Carolina team celebrated a ground-breaking court victory in 2020. After working with the lead survivor witness for years, a judge sentenced her trafficker to life behind bars—the highest possible penalty for his crimes. This is a precedent-setting court victory for future cases of human trafficking and a significant win for this survivor and many others.”3

But there are countries where the exploitation is harder to root out and fight against. These are places where families caught in poverty find themselves considering forms of income they never would have imagined, outside of fighting for survival. In these regions, families, widows and the vulnerable are desperate for an option that will keep them from some of the hardest decisions a person might have to make.

Sponsoring a child through GFA is one way to help a family and protect a child. For just $35 a month, you can help children and their families with critical support such as nutritious food, medical attention and tutoring that keep them in school and helps them succeed in school. It is also a beautiful opportunity for GFA workers to share the practical love and care of Jesus Christ.

Children in South Asia and Africa are waiting for someone like you to bring the hope they need. Keep a little one out of the clutches of those who would exploit or abuse them. Their safe future can become clearer with your gift of $35 a month.

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