What Are the Causes of Poverty

What Are the Most Recognized Causes of Poverty?

Inequality is both a simple and complex answer to the “What are the most recognized causes of poverty?” problem. People who are given fewer rights based on their ethnicity, tribe or gender have fewer opportunities for jobs, assistance and their futures. One group that is especially discriminated against all over the world is widows. In many parts of Asian society, widows are considered cursed and are blamed for their husband’s death,[1] meaning their options for employment are severely limited. And even if they do manage to find a job, their wages will likely be less than their male counterparts.[2]

Raylea and her family came to faith when her husband Maalik was miraculously healed from a 3-year illness through the prayers of local a GFA World pastor. But just five months later, Maalik suddenly fell sick again and, despite medical attention, he passed away, leaving a heartbroken Raylea to care for two small children on her own. They had barely managed to scrape by on Maalik’s earnings, but now the situation seemed truly hopeless.  

But God saw Raylea not as cursed but as a loved child. He did not desert her. At a GFA World Christmas gift distribution, Raylea received a valuable, hope-giving present: a pair of goats.

Goats can survive on nearby trees and shrubs and require little space, making them the perfect gift for landless farmers. Raylea’s goats had two more goats in the following year, and the year after that, they added three more to the growing flock. The versatile gift completely transformed Raylea’s life. The nutrient-rich goat milk and meat provided much-needed nourishment for her growing children. Raylea could also sell that milk and meat—and the goats themselves—to generate income. She did just that, earning enough money to feed and clothe her kids and even provide school uniforms. Raylea could then generously share her blessings by donating a goat to the very church where she was saved.[3]

Raylea is just one person who has benefited from GFA World’s practical, income-generating gifts. It takes only $11 to provide a pair of chickens to a family. A pair of goats like Raylea’s cost a mere $140.[4] Donating toward these life-changing gifts can lift individuals and families out of poverty, ending the vicious cycle. 

Consider joining with GFA to support one of the answers to the “What are the causes of poverty?” question. Anyone can own a goat or a chicken, providing new opportunities for those denied fair treatment by global inequality.

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