Water Solutions

What Are Some Water Solutions Through Technology?

Scientists and entrepreneurs are working diligently to find water solutions through technology. These solutions may be the key to bringing clean water to developing countries and to areas impacted by drought.

While the full technology advancement list would be long, here are some intriguing water solutions being brought forward through technology.

Solar solutions

Solar solutions are becoming more widely used. Whether it be solar-powered desalination plants or individual home solutions, scientists are using the sun to provide clean water. One innovative project is the Source Hydropanel, which can provide up to 10 liters of water a day. A solar panel is used to heat sponge-like material to create condensation. The condensation accumulates and is then filtered. This is just one example of innovation that is solar powered.1

The Drinkable Book

Can a book filter water? Scientists think so! The Drinkable Book is a filtration tool and each page contains a way to sanitize water up to 99.9%. It’s similar to a coffee filter and results in clean water! This filter book can last up to four years for a single person.2

Fog Harvester

What about fog? Can we harvest it and turn it into drinking water? Yes. There’s a harvester in the Moroccan desert that produces 17 gallons of safe water per single square yard.3


There may also be great technology hiding in a straw! LifeStraw is a portable solution that uses a drinking straw to filter water, making it safe to drink.4

Scientists and entrepreneurs are working hard to develop new and innovative ways to cure water contamination and water shortage. As technology advances and people become more innovative, we look forward to seeing the advancements. New and creative ideas are essential to helping people around the world have access to clean safe drinking water.

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