Underprivileged Kids in Asia Charity Nov 2022

How Many Kids Does South Asia Have?

One country in South Asia is the second most populated country in the world, just after China, so the answer to “How many kids does South Asia have?” is a staggering number. There are about 12,627 births in that country per day, or about one birth every seven seconds, so the number is always increasing.[1] Right now, that country also has the largest adolescent population in the world with around 253 million.[2]

GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program already helps many kids like these, more than 70,000, but even more of them still need help.[3] There many children enrolled in the program but still awaiting sponsorship at the time of this writing.[4] That number also keeps growing as more kids are enrolled in the program to receive vitla help like nutritious food, school supply provisions, hygiene help and educational and community opportunities.

One of these children is Aliyah, who struggled with schoolwork for the longest time, not understanding her first-grade work at all. Her parents were both poor and uneducated, and they could barely provide for school supplies, let alone help with the work. Then, Aliyah’s mother heard about GFA’s Child Sponsorship Program, which provides vital assistance like tutoring help, nutritious food and school supplies for children in need. The staff was more than happy to enroll Aliyah, and she took the opportunity to thrive. With the guidance of the staff and the proper materials, she excelled. Now a teenager, Aliyah continues to work hard and succeed, and her future remains hopeful. Her mother said, “I am happy to see my daughter doing well in her studies. She has not only learned from her books, but she has developed good habits. Thanks [to the program staff] for [their] love and encouragement, my daughter is happy and doing well.”[5]

This is just one of the countless stories from GFA World. With such a large population of children, and poverty remaining so prevalent, the work is far from over. Some estimate as many as 18 million children live on the streets of one country in South Asia,[6] and they need help, but the task is so rewarding. Consider donating to GFA World to help them continue to send missionaries and sponsor children to help break the poverty cycle, as well as provide opportunities for the future, and praying for the ministry because there is still much work to do.

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