Types of Water Wells

What Types of Water Well Systems Are Used by Gfa?

Gospel for Asia (GFA World) uses a heavy-duty handpump—often the India Mark II model. It is a human-powered pump that is the world’s most widely used handpump. The pump can be used on both borewells and drilled wells. This pump is primarily manufactured in India.

The India Mark II was developed in the 1970s by several world organizations, including the government of India, UNICEF, and the World Health Organization. The main goal of the initiative was to provide the people of India with clean and accessible water in their villages. The pump also needed a simple design so it could be manufactured in a simple workshop in an inexpensive way and could be easily maintained. An Indian magazine listed the India Mark II as one of the defining inventions of their country.1

The durability of the India Mark II has been improved over the years since the handpump’s development. Considering that many community wells are used continuously during the day, these pumps need to be heavy-duty and able to pump water for long periods of time.

This type of water well and pump is capable of operating for 20 years when it is used for approximately 8 hours per day. GFA wells are maintained by a local church and pastor. That church is responsible to repair the well if it needs maintenance. They are also encouraged to keep the area around the well maintained and clean, giving the community a safe and welcoming place to gather for hydration. GFA wells are accessible to everyone, no matter their social class, religion, income, and so on.

GFA wells are drilled with the goal to provide clean drinking water year-round, even in the driest of seasons. We use locals to drill the wells and local churches to maintain them. Will you join us by investing in this worthy cause?

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