The Causes of Poverty

What Causes Poverty in Places like South Asia?

In order to understand what causes poverty in areas like South Asia, you have to examine everything from culture to sanitation practices. No single factor creates or maintains poverty by itself. But there are solutions available.

In South Asia, you might find a situation such as the following: A young widowed woman had been dependent on her husband for income prior to his death. Because of the stigma of widowhood in her culture, others would be unlikely to help to help support her and any children. Additionally, she would generally lack resources or an income of her own. Her only source of water might be the local pond, which is contaminated by livestock, waste or other pollutants. As a result, she becomes sick and cannot take care of herself. In addition, she is illiterate because she had no access to education growing up, which severely limits her chances of employment.

It is multi-factored situations such as this one that millions of people face on a daily basis, including many people in South Asia.1 This great need is why dozens of organizations are working to tackle the problems associated with poverty in sustainable ways.

GFA World, for example, offers multiple solutions to the need for clean water access, literacy and income sources.

Recognizing that health is at the core of adults being able to work and care for themselves and their families, GFA has two clean water solutions in Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters. Thousands of these have been drilled or distributed. With clean water, comes good health.

In addition, GFA World offers women’s literacy classes. Not only do these women learn skills that enable them to understand labels and and pricing, but they are able to read God’s Word and experience Christ’s love.

To provide a source of income, GFA World distributes income-generating gifts such as sewing machines, farm animals and fishing equipment. Each of these gifts is a way someone can lift their standard of living out of the most vulnerable situations. Chicken eggs can be sold, piglets can be auctioned off and clothing can be made or tailored, all which can empower families to earn a sustainable income.

Donations and sponsorships through GFA World are guaranteed to attack one of the many points of poverty that trap families in an impoverished life of struggle, worry and illness. In this way, your investment in humanity not only uplifts one family but the entire community.

Poverty has been called “Public enemy No. 1” by many world leaders. Your gift to GFA World can help bring that enemy down. And through the faith-based work of GFA missionaries, these physical gifts will come with the spiritual gift of Christ’s love.

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