Poverty Organizations

Can I Really Help If I Donate to Poverty Organizations?

Because of the complexity of poverty issues, it’s best to donate to poverty organizations that are established in their areas of service. Organizations such as Compassion International, World Vision and GFA World have each invested deeply in the countries and communities where they serve. It takes time to develop networks and trust in order to best serve those in need.

For the most impact, try to choose an organization that provides solutions to multiple poverty factors. For example, look for organizations that have a combination of services for those they serve, such as both education assistance and nutritional support. If a child is always hungry, it doesn’t matter what they are being taught; they will not be able to maintain attention or retain the information.

Many of the poorest in the world, especially children, face what’s called multidimensional poverty, which means they do not have adequate access to basic needs like education, health, housing, nutrition, sanitation or water.1 Each of these areas is connected to the other, creating a domino effect if one is lacking. When all are lacking, poverty can be insurmountable.

GFA workers are from the areas in which they serve. Their hearts are passionate about helping their fellow countrymen, and they are specially trained to care for those they are serving. It is a GFA worker who will provide the services available through child sponsorship, one of the number one ways to fight poverty and give help from afar.

For just $35 a day, your sponsorship helps GFA provide community-wide solutions for children and their families such as education assistance, access to clean water, nutritious food, and basic household items which ease families financial circumstances. When a child has these basic provisions, some of poverty’s heavy burden is lifted off of their parents.

Each gift of sponsorship through GFA is part of a solution to the multidimensional poverty experienced by those in extreme situations. This kind of giving is a lifeline for those families who have been chained for generations in poverty’s cycle. You can be the source of tangible and spiritual hope for a child and his or her family. Meet the children ready for hope today at https://www.gfa.org/sponsorachild/.

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