Learn to Read for Adults

How Do Illiteracy Remedies Empower Families?

Illiteracy is a global issue that affects millions of people.1 Illiteracy deprives adults of opportunities to navigate work and society, provide for their families and escape poverty. Illiteracy remedies like literacy classes, vocational skills training and child sponsorship provide hope to families worldwide. Education empowers people. These remedies provide:

  • Better-paying jobs — Illiteracy can be a consequence of poverty, but it can also contribute to poverty. Many adults are trapped in difficult, low-paying jobs in fields and factories because they are undereducated. Educated adults qualify for better-paying jobs that help provide food, housing and transportation for their families. Educated adults can join workplaces that offer living wages and have better employee protection against working excessive hours in poor conditions.
  • Better community involvement — Educated adults can read newspapers, government policies and more that keep them informed about current events. Moreover, educated adults can read and understand the policies and platforms of government candidates and fill out voting ballots. Education empowers adults to understand their local and federal governments and how they can contribute to their community.
  • Better opportunities — Literacy and education provides better opportunities for adults, and these opportunities then extend to their children. Educated adults are more likely to value education and send their children to school. Educated adults can also help their children with homework, school forms and more.

How can we help solve illiteracy?

Child sponsorship

Supporting children’s education is one of the best ways to prevent adulthood illiteracy. Crucial resources like school supplies, nutritious food, clean water, or tutoring help children succeed in school even if their families are experiencing dire poverty.

GFA World promotes children’s education and literacy through our child sponsorship program. For $35 a month, you can help children, their families and their communities break the cycle of poverty through community-wide solutions, which include opportunities like education, medical care, protection against malnutrition, clean water and more. Through sponsorship, children have opportunities to learn and grow at school. Child sponsorship prevents adult illiteracy.

Literacy classes

Many adults are illiterate because they did not attend school regularly or complete their education as children. Adults can attend literacy classes to develop reading, writing and math skills to help them navigate their daily lives. Literacy classes help adults identify, pronounce, read and write letters. Literacy classes also teach adults basic math for basic transactions, household finances and taxes. Literacy classes help adults develop crucial skills to benefit themselves and their families.

Learn to read for adults

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