Girls in Developing Countries

What Should I Look for in a Girls’ Education Charity?

A girls’ education charity first and foremost needs to see the inherent value and potential of every little girl. Scripture tells us, “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”1 This means He sees each girl at conception as a reflection of Himself.

The cultural preference for sons in South Asia has led to what’s called “selective abortion,” where parents chose to terminate the life of child based on her gender.

The Guardian reports,

“An estimated 6.8 million fewer female births will be recorded across South Asia by 2030 because of the persistent use of selective abortions, researchers estimate.”

This practice escalated in the 1970s, though women have long experienced gender discrimination in that country.2

Anuradha Saxena, a member of the women’s empowerment division for Sikar district in Rajasthan, told The Guardian:2

“It will take time to remove deep-rooted custom and belief. Progress is slow and incremental but we are working on making girls valued and cherished instead of being seen as a liability who needs a huge dowry to be married off.”

GFA’s Child Sponsorship Program is designed to do just this. With the love of Jesus Christ, the program provides community-wide solutions like nutritious food, education support and clean water. Every child is seen as a child of God and, therefore, valued for who they are no matter what.

Consider giving a gift of $35 a month to help one girl in South Asia stand strong against gender discrimination by giving her the opportunity to become educated, cared for and instructed about her infinite worth as seen by the God of the Universe.

The statistics are moving and can be moved further and further in the right direction with the generosity and long-distance care of someone like you. Each girl who is given a chance to dream of the future is a girl ready to make a difference in someone else’s life, perhaps the next little girl who needs the opportunity to thrive. Sponsor a child today.

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2 Dhillon, Amrit. “Selective abortion in India could lead to 6.8m fewer girls being born by 2030.” The Guardian. August 21, 2020.