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How Can We Educate Girls Globally?

Education impacts how girls view themselves, their world and their potential. So how can we help educate girls globally?

Here are a few things girls need just to attend school:

  • Supplies — Education is a luxury for many families experiencing poverty. To attend school, many girls need appropriate books, uniforms, school supplies and sometimes even tuition.
  • Hygiene — Many girls cannot attend school after menstruation begins because they do not have the resources to care for themselves. Menstruation care and sanitation information, menstrual pads and proper facilities are invaluable for young girls. Menstruation supplies help girls handle puberty and remain in school.
  • Awareness — Educating girls remains a challenge worldwide. Many families and societies do not value sending girls to school. Increased awareness of the individual and societal benefits of educating girls is crucially important.

Education increases girls’ future income, prevents child marriage and decreases their mortality rate.1 Education is vital to the health and well-being of girls worldwide.

Since 1979, GFA World has sought to share the love of God with people in need, providing life-giving resources to be the hands and feet of Christ. Several of GFA World’s programs promote hope, growth and education for girls:

  • Child sponsorshipGFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program protects girls from child labor, marriage and more in Asia and Africa. Sponsoring a girl gives her access to resources such as school supplies, tutoring, health care, food and clean water. Child sponsorship meets girls’ basic needs and allows them to attend school and obtain an education. For $35 a month, you can help change a girl’s life for the better.
  • Literacy classesConsider supporting GFA World literacy program. GFA missionaries hold free literacy classes for thousands of women, helping them learn reading, writing and basic math skills. Each woman enrolled in a literacy class receives a free literacy book in their local language. For tens of thousands of women across Asia, these free literacy classes have made a world of difference in their lives!
  • Vocational training classes For $75, you can help provide a vocational training class for a woman in Asia to build skills necessary for an occupation such as tailoring. These new skills allow women to earn a sustainable income for themselves and their families. Learn more here:

Your faithful partnership with GFA World can impact girls, their families and their communities for a lifetime!

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