Effects of Poverty

How Does Poverty and Unemployment Affect the Community?

The answer to, “How does poverty and unemployment affect the community?” is somewhat cyclical. According to the UN, “Unemployment and underemployment lies at the core of poverty. For the poor, labor is often the only asset they can use to improve their well-being.”[1] However, the jobs available to the impoverished generally do not pay well.

Many of the poorest of the poor have not had opportunities in education or training, so the main jobs available to them consist of menial labor in fields or factories. These jobs are often not steady or reliable, and even working long, hard hours, people still do not earn enough money to provide for their families. So, poverty is caused by unemployment, but unemployment or underemployment are also caused by poverty.

GFA World and other organizations seek to break this self-perpetuating cycle by creating employment opportunities. These could include agriculture and rural development, skills advancement, training and promoting self-employment.[2] One strategy GFA uses is giving income-generating gifts, such as sewing machines, farm animals or bicycles, to impoverished families.

Sabrang was the only son in a poor family and a member of the small village church. His parents spent long hours laboring in the fields each day, but the family still had financial struggles. They prayed that God would provide a way to overcome this poverty that trapped them. God answered their prayers. With the help of Christmas gift donations from believers around the world, GFA was able to give Sabrang a new sewing machine. He and more than 20 other recipients—mostly unemployed women living in poverty—received the special gifts. Sabrang said, “Now I can start a small tailoring shop. That way I can help meet my family’s needs and also help meet the clothing needs of our community.”[3]

Sabrang’s story is just one example of how GFA’s income-generating gifts lift families out of poverty. GFA provides sewing classes to each recipient of a sewing machine to make sure they are fully equipped to put their gift to good use. With a sewing machine and a little training, the effect is life-changing. The work is steady and reliable, and from their own home, families are able to earn extra money to get out of debt, pay for food and use for other expenses.[4]

Consider partnering with GFA to combat one of the many effects of poverty. Each sewing machine costs $100, but any amount can go toward providing a source of income and a way to escape from unemployment and poverty.

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