Building wells in Africa

How do I donate a well in Africa?

To donate a well in Africa, partner with GFA World by giving to clean water projects like a Jesus Well. This low-cost, historically proven well system has the potential to save millions of lives if enough wells can be dug for rural areas where water access is extremely limited. These same areas have high concentrations of those struggling to survive every day.

According to the World Resource Institute, “Poor communities often face greater exposure to climate hazards, such as more extreme rainfall or drought conditions, and have fewer resources to cope.”[1] The article goes on to point out, though, that investment in infrastructures that deliver sufficient, clean water pays dividends in every area affecting the poor: health, job opportunities, education and more.

Clean water is at the heart of many issues affecting the poor. First, there is the time and effort involved in getting the water. Many people in poor parts of the world have to travel an hour or more to fetch water, a process they must repeat at least daily. If water were easily available, this time and energy could be spent on earning more income, seeing to education or simply enjoying community, all important aspects of human growth.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Every day, you lose eight to 12 cups of water through breathing, perspiring, and urine and bowel movements. In general, men need at least 12 cups of fluid daily, while women require a minimum of nine cups. Factors that increase your fluid needs include exercise, hot weather, high altitude, a high-fiber diet, and increased losses from caffeine and alcohol intake.”[2]

This is just for maintaining healthy levels of hydration. Our needs for washing and personal hygiene are much higher. Imagine being dehydrated from bowel issues but still needing to walk an hour to get water that will just make you sicker. This is the reality for millions of people.

Through your donation, GFA can drill a well to safe groundwater that is protected from contamination and weather patterns. We use local drillers and proven mechanics to keep the cost of installation low. Then the local church commits to maintaining the well and ensuring access to the water for everyone in the area. Even being used 8 hours per day, a Jesus Well can last 20 years with proper care.

GFA World installs clean water projects according to the particular need in a community. Water projects include BioSand water filters, water infrastructure improvements which make clean water more readily available, and bore wells. Jesus Wells are one of the best solutions for areas where the only water accessible is far away from the residents. They are infrastructures that can last and serve for decades, consistently providing clean, safe water. This is an incredibly affordable way to help solve a problem that is only growing with each day. Be a part of this work by donating to clean water projects like a well today or by inviting others to join you in raising funds for the well.

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