Africa Water Crisis

Is There a World Water Crisis?

It may not be in the headlines, but a world water crisis is emerging in more and more places on the globe.[1] The crisis that is starting to take shape may not be obvious to those in countries where the infrastructure for piped water is established.

In order to meet this crisis, the United Nations has adopted the Sustainable Development Goal No. 6, which is for clean water and sanitation, two issues that are inextricably linked. They estimate that 44 percent of household wastewater is not properly treated. They also reported, “Water quality data are not collected routinely in a majority of countries. This means that over 3 billion people are at risk because the health of their freshwater ecosystems is unknown.”[2]

This means that just under half of the world’s population cannot trust the water that is available to them. One reason for this is because the world’s water cycle has been so negatively impacted by water pollution.

“Water pollution is increasing throughout the water cycle. Due to population growth, accelerated urbanization and economic development, the quantity of wastewater being generated, and its overall pollution load are increasing globally,” the United Nations Water reported.[3]

Many of these same areas often lack infrastructure, or it’s just not yet built. This means there is no piped water or electricity. That’s where the BioSand Filter is a perfect fit.

The filter costs only about $30 to construct, uses affordable, natural materials and doesn’t need electricity. Some water solutions, such as desalination (removing salt from sea water) are expensive and heavily dependent on technology and engineering prowess.[4] The BioSand filter is simply multiple layers of sand and sediment that capture and eliminate microbes, debris and much more. It makes the water 98 percent clean, far better than what many millions are using to drink, cook and clean with.

For those uncertain of their water’s cleanliness or in areas where the open water sources are easily contaminated, the BioSand Filter is a true Godsend. GFA missionaries and pastors understand and want to address the issue of clean water in the regions they serve. Along with the gift of clean water, GFA missionaries also long to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to those they serve.

Sponsor a filter today and bring life and health to a family who desperately needs it.

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