Well Drilling

Water Well Drilling: Stories of Impact

In developing countries wrought with water scarcity and lack of clean water, water well drilling by charities such as GFA World can bring transformation to communities in need. These wells help protect people from a host of waterborne diseases and save valuable time for those tasked with collecting water for the family. Here are just a few examples of lives that have been impacted by GFA World’s Jesus Wells.

In one village, an open well and small pond were the only sources of water, but they often failed to provide a sufficient supply.1 In summertime, these sources often dried up. When rain once again filled the pond, it was commonly accompanied by leaves, garbage and cow manure. On at least one occasion, a chicken died in the well and contaminated their precious water. Unclean water led to various waterborne diseases. Something needed to change.

Change came after GFA pastor Stavros learned of their water crisis. Soon, the village received a Jesus Well, at no cost to the community. Now the village has clean water year-round, protected from feathers and other contaminants, meeting the dire need of dozens of families.

Garjan’s village faced a similar crisis.2 For decades, Garjan and his neighbors struggled to obtain ample water for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. In addition, the region was dependent on agriculture and rearing livestock, so water scarcity also threatened their livelihoods.

Garjan and other villagers struggled along, searching for water, exhausting themselves in its collection, and getting sick from the water they had available. Then a Jesus Well changed everything. The hand pump on the well draws clean water from deep underground, and the entire village’s need for clean water is met.

A father of four, Ragnar’s primary concern was for his children.3 They constantly battled sickness caused by the water they drank. Children, with higher metabolisms and proportionately more water within their bodies, are more vulnerable to waterborne diseases.4 Ragnar’s children struggled in school. Unsafe water can cause vomiting, stomachaches, headaches and confusion, ailments that affect a child’s ability to learn. Ragnar was concerned for his children’s present wellbeing and how it might affect their future chances for success, but he was helpless to provide the clean water they desperately needed.

Then Ragnar encounter GFA pastor Dabid. Learning of Ragnar’s need, Pastor Dabid responded in compassion and soon Ragnar’s village received a Jesus Well. Now Ragnar’s family has free, clean water. His children no longer need to drink contaminated water that causes sickness and hinders their studies. Their future is much brighter.

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