Water Scarcity

What are Some Water Scarcity Solutions?

Studying water scarcity solutions is essential to understanding the issue and discovering the best way to help. Through research at GFA World, we have determined that BioSand water filters and fresh-water wells are the best solutions to water scarcity. These two options help individual families and entire communities access clean, healthy water.

BioSand water filters use sand and concrete to filter water. They remove pathogens, impurities and suspended solids and make water safe for drinking and cooking. The filters also remove bacteria and viruses. The process for installing and maintaining the filter is easy, and the filters use no electricity. You can gift a family in need with a BioSand water filter for $30. One filter can change the lives of an entire family!

GFA World also digs Jesus Wells for communities that need access to clean water. The wells are dug 200 meters deep, which ensures that water is accessible year round. The wells are durable and last approximately 20 years! Local churches are commissioned with maintaining the wells, which often helps the pastor and church leaders have an effective reach into the community, allowing them to serve, love and bring hope to the people. You can purchase a well for a community in need for $1,400.

Both of these water scarcity solut#ions are simple and effective ways to make a dramatic different. You can take part in helping reduce water scarcity in the world and provide micro solutions to the global water crisis for people in need of clean, safe drinking water.