Water Scarcity

What are Some Water Scarcity FAQs?

Questions are an important way to learn about a subject. Here are some water scarcity FAQs and their answers.

What does water scarcity mean?

Water scarcity is when there is less freshwater than necessary to meet the needs of the people. It is a global issue, impacting much of the world. However, it often impacts impoverished people the hardest.

What are the main causes of it?

While there is a myriad of reasons for water scarcity, we think the three reasons contribute to much of the issue. First, population growth contributes significantly to the problem. As populations grow, more water is needed. More water is needed to grow food for more people. More water is needed for the larger population to drink, cook and live. In addition, water infrastructure needs to be able to transport more water to the growing population.

Second, polluted water contributes to the cause. This pollution comes from pesticides and fertilizers, waste from industry, oil pollution, human waste, trash dumping and other sources. When water pollution is present, drinking water is often contaminated with pathogens that cause disease and even death.

Thirdly, damaged infrastructure is a major cause of water scarcity. When infrastructure is in disrepair, water cannot be safely transported to communities.

Why does the water crisis impact women and girls more?

In many parts of the world, families rely on the women and girls of the family to find, collect and carry water. This makes it difficult for girls to get an education and women to find consistent employment. This contributes to the cycle of poverty.

How can I help?

People need clean water, and you can help. Through GFA World, you can purchase a BioSand water filter for a family to use in their home. This allows the water to be stripped of impurities and harmful bacteria. GFA World also offers Jesus Wells that provide clean water for an entire community. These wells are maintained by local churches and bring hope to up to 300 people.

How will others benefit from my generosity?

People in Asia and Africa are receiving clean water from GFA World. Through the generosity of donors and partners, more than 12,243 BioSand water filters were given to families in the developing world through GFA World and their partners in 2019. The ministry provides these families and communities healthy water and hope for their future.