Poverty Organizations

Why Do Some Organizations that Help Poverty Use Locals Instead of Foreigners to Help Meet the Needs of The People?

GFA World, one of the organizations that help poverty, has used local workers instead of foreigners for over 40 years.

This proves to be an enormous advantage for a myriad of reasons.

Locals are Free to Serve

Since we have historically worked in Asian countries, it is important to note that over 85 percent of Asian countries don’t allow western missionaries to serve freely. Our local workers aren’t held to this restriction. These faithful people serve without interruption.

Locals are One with the People

In the eyes of the local people, national workers don’t represent a foreign land or strange religion. National workers are one of them. They know the language and the best ways to communicate effectively. They are sensitive to the needs of their neighbors and family.

Locals are Able to Help

Local workers are available to serve in a variety of locations—slums, villages, cities, etc. They are trained to readily see the needs of the people, step in with solutions and help.

Locals are Cost Effective

National missionaries live simple lives. They live in the same homes as those around them. They eat the same meals and dress like everyone else. Because they live like everyone else around them, it is cost effective to support a national missionary.

National workers from GFA World help local communities and villages by providing Jesus Wells, BioSand water filters, medical help, educational and literacy opportunities, nutritious meals, programs for widows and leprosy patients, income-generating gifts, and much more. Oftentimes, these national workers suffer hardships and intense persecution, but they are dedicated to seeing people come to know the love of Jesus.

With little to no cultural barriers to overcome, national workers can see the needs and find solutions to help.