Poverty Organizations

How Can I Donate to Poverty Organizations that Are Providing Income-Generating Opportunities?

When you donate to poverty organizations that give income-generating gifts, you are making a lasting impact. These gifts provide an opportunity for a person struggling with poverty to have income in the future.

The simple gift of an income-generating animal or item can be a big turning point for a family.

Oftentimes, a simple gift enables families to afford education, nutritious food, health care, and other necessary items.


Cows, goats, pigs, lambs, and chickens are helpful income-generating gifts. For example, cows produce calves, which can be sold. They also provide milk for a family to drink or sell to neighbors. Cows can also help cultivate and fertilize their fields.

Sewing Machines

When a family is gifted with a sewing machine and trained in tailoring, it opens a myriad of income-generating possibilities. The gift offers more than skills, it offers hope.

Pull Carts

This may seem like a simple gift, but it can be life-changing. When a gardener needs to transport produce to the market, a pull cart makes it easier and more time efficient. They can also travel from place to place to sell their produce.

Fishing Nets

Thousands of people in Asia rely on fishing to provide for their families. New fishing nets can make a huge difference in their catch and income.

Literacy Classes

You may not think the gift of literacy is an income-generating gift, but it is! When women learn to read, write, and do basic math, they are qualified for more jobs and have the confidence needed to be employed. Literacy is one of the best resources in the fight against poverty.

“After having received the gift, we are really blessed. We have some income in our family. We have hope; we have a purpose in life and really are so blessed and so happy, just unlike what we thought our future would be,” said Janella, whose son Tanden received a large, income-generating farm animal.