Poverty in Asia

What Are Some Ways to Reduce Poverty in The World?

The basic definition of extreme poverty is earning less than $1.90 a day.1 The World Bank estimates that nearly 10% of the world’s population lives in poverty. What are some ways to reduce poverty in the world?

Here are some effective options:

Promote Education

For every year a child remains in school, the poverty cycle is more likely to be broken. It is essential that children learn how to read, write and perform basic math. These skills prepare children for lifelong occupations—jobs that provide greater income. Education also teaches children how to hope and dream of something more.

Provide Water

For many communities around the world, water is not easily accessible. Water gathering takes hours and that task is often left to women or children, making it difficult for women to work or children to attend school. Easily accessible water helps break the cycle of poverty.

Income-generating Gifts

Simple gifts can be life-changing. For example, when a family is gifted with chickens, they can sell eggs and hatch chicks to sell. They also have nutritious eggs to eat. Other animals like cows, pigs, goats, and so on also have great income-generating potential. Other job-related gifts are also very helpful—sewing machines, pull-carts, tools, and so on.

Skills Training

When adults learn a new skill, a new world of opportunities opens up. For example, when a woman learns tailoring skills, a new career awaits. After her training is complete, she can work out of her home or in a tailoring shop. Her life changes and she can help provide for her children and family.

GFA World has been providing help to the poorest people of Asia since 1979. We’re committed to sharing the love of Jesus through tangible help and assistance. We often work in communities where no other organizations serve. We’re thankful to God for giving us opportunities to help share His love where it is needed most.

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