Over 250 Million Women in Asia Are Illiterate

Over 250 million women in Asia are illiterate. One believer in Asia wishes she could read the Bible, but can’t. See how Gospel for Asia’s women’s literacy program changed that, greatly impacting her walk with the Lord.

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Over 250 Million Women in Asia Are Illiterate

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Over 250 million woman in Asia are illiterate.

“My pastor always shares from the Word of God most of the believers are able to take up their Bibles and read along with the pastor. But I couldn’t. I was embarrassed. I could see how this book was transforming the lives of my friends and I wanted to experience God’s Word by reading the scriptures myself.”

“When I was a little girl my family was very poor. We didn’t have good drinking water electricity, TV or toilets. My father worked very hard in the fields to provide for us. It was difficult for him to see her suffer without the most basic of needs.”

“I had to walk several miles to school. I remember when I was little and first started school how embarrassed I was to wear ratty clothes because we’re poor. I didn’t have the school supplies I needed either. The other children made fun of me.”

“One day I didn’t have my homework lessons done because i didn’t have any paper and the teacher beat me with a stick. Why didn’t he understand more than the physical pain was the emotional pain I experienced? So I refused to go to school any longer as a result and never learned to read or write. I grew up and got married and life went on.”

“When the women’s fellowship started a literacy class I was thrilled here was my chance to learn how to read the Bible. Now I can read and write in my native language and I’m able to memorize my favorite bible verses.”

“One night as I was walking home in the dark after literacy class I became afraid. I don’t like to walk in the darkness because of snakes and bad men. I was able to quote Psalm 119:105 in a song: ‘Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path.’ These words gave me courage and calmed my fears.”

“I often wonder how my life would be different if I had stayed in school. I know I would have been reading God’s Word much sooner and I would know much more about him. I’m so thankful for the literacy class I’m now making up for the lost years.”

“I’m encouraging my son to read and go to school. He’s very smart and energetic and I know he will do good things in the world with a good education.”

“Please pray for me that I may know God better day by day as I am now able to read his Word.“