Generational Poverty

What Are Some Examples of Generational Poverty?

Numerous communities in Asia and Africa have been fighting poverty for generations, so examples of generational poverty are everywhere. Today, let me introduce you to Daya.

When we first met Daya, she was begging with her grandmother, trying to find a generous soul to give her food. We asked for Daya’s story and she broke down in tears. Daya had been abandoned by her parents, a victim of generational poverty. Her grandmother stepped in to care for her. Now, with no income, they beg.

That day, Daya was invited to join the Bridge of Hope center in her community. It is wedged between the railway station and a slum. Even in this center, Daya was the poorest one there. She had never been taught hygiene and had dirty clothes. The center stepped into action to protect Daya from the perils of the slum where she lives. Out there, she encountered abuse and exploitation. At the center, she was encircled with hope and love.

The center staff taught Daya how to bathe and bought her new clothes. They taught her many new life skills.

Daya is no longer begging on the streets like the generations before her. She is no longer helpless. She is receiving an education and wants to become a teacher. Through one child, the cycle of poverty will be broken. Her grandmother has experienced the love of God because these wonderful staff members cared for her granddaughter, giving both of them hope for the future.

You can help a child like Daya!