Adult Literacy

Literacy Organizations

The skills needed for reading and writing can be challenging to learn, especially as an adult. That’s why the methods literacy organizations use is so important. There needs to be phonemic awareness—an awareness of sounds used in a language. The student must also achieve an active vocabulary and understand spelling. And, of course, reading is useless without comprehension and being able to visualize what one is reading.1

The women’s literacy classes supported by GFA are taught by women national workers who are trained in teaching adult literacy. This includes reading, writing, and basic math skills. When these classes are finished, the woman is capable of reading basic language and performing math skills needed in the marketplace.

In these literacy classes, the teachers write letters and words, often using a chalkboard, to teach each student. They often guide the student’s hand and help them learn to hold a pencil to write those same words. When teaching adults, there is often more frustration shown by the students because they are learning a skill that is completely new and it can be difficult. With most students, once they begin to learn and progress, they are excited to continue learning.

GFA’s literacy program is available in 16 languages, and has helped tens of thousands of women learn how to read and write.

Each woman enrolled in the classes receives a free literacy book in their local language. For women across Asia, these free adult literacy classes have made a world of difference in their lives!