Adult Literacy

How Do I Select a Literacy Nonprofit to Support? What Questions Do I Ask?

A literacy nonprofit is a great cause to support. These organizations often rely on donations to fulfill their mission of teaching adults and children how to read.

Here are some questions for you to consider:

What regions do you work in?

Most people who are illiterate live in developing countries, especially in the regions of south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. At GFA World, we have served the people of Asia since 1979. We recently began ministry in Rwanda and look forward to reaching that area as well.

Who teaches the literacy classes? Are the teachers trained in teaching adult literacy?

This is an important question because teaching literacy to adults is a specialized skill set. It is also helpful to be familiar with the culture and needs of a particular community or people group. GFA workers and volunteers, mostly women, serve as teachers in GFA’s program, so students have the opportunity to grow. These women receive special training in how to teach literacy to adults.

The teachers of our literacy classes have personally witnessed the power of literacy in the lives of individuals and families and are passionate about transforming lives. Entire communities have been changed by literacy!

Does the organization work with men, women, or children?

GFA World provides literacy programs for adults (mostly women) and children. Through our child sponsorship program, GFA workers provide impoverished children with free educational help. We also host free literacy classes for the community through our adult literacy programs.

What are your results?

By the grace of God, on average, each year, tens of thousands of women are taught how to read and write by GFA workers. Through learning tools in 16 languages, students Learn to read and write, opening a path out of poverty for many.